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Once a staff member has been diagnosed with Covid-19, it is part of the mandated process to have the workplace fogged, sanitised, and disinfected. This is done to remove any droplet-born virus particles from surfaces and ensure that the remaining staff compliment is protected from infection from coronavirus. This type of Covid-19 cleaning is essential to flattening the curve.

Recently we were called to perform just such a Covid-19 cleaning at a retail store in KZN. It was a last-minute call out, as the staff member had just received a positive diagnosis, and the store needed to reopen to continue to serve the local community. We mobilised our team and were on site within 24 hours to help our client. We ensured that all areas of the stores – from shelving to products, from office to kitchen – were toroughly cleaned, disnifected and santised.

Our team remains in strict isolation when not on a job to ensure they remain in good health and are not transmitting the virus to site. Our team all wear full hazmat and PPE of the highest level to prevent transmission, either to site or to our team! We have been performing services such as this for over 6 years, so X-Treme Cleaning Solutions are ideally suited to disinfection and sanitising retail stores, offices, hospitals, and businesses during the coronvrius pandemic.

Do you need to sanitise a building or workplace after a coronavirus diagnosis? Please contact us on 060 998 7010 and we can help to bring you peace of mind.