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One of the important ways to break the chain of infection is through disinfection and sanitising of vehicles. Many viruses and bacteria can survive for hours – even days – on surfaces. By ensuring proper disinfection and cleaning of the vehicle is done, the chances of a passenger being infected are massively reduced.

One of the classes of vehicles that need to be disinfected and deep cleaned regularly are ambulances or medical response vehicles. In many cases, these vehicles may transport patients who are infected with a transmissible disease. To protect first responders and future patients against infection, proper and complete sanitising of the vehicle is imperative.

Other vehicles that should be disinfected and sanitised regularly are mass transport vehicles such as taxis, ride shares and buses. Schools should also regularly deep clean and disinfect their transport vehicles used for transporting students and teachers.

X-Treme Cleaning is ideally suited for disinfection and sanitising cleaning of this type. Our staff are highly trained in decontamination and sanitising procedures and wear appropriate PPC wear. Surface disinfection is done with a 90% alcohol solution and a decontamination chamber and testing facilities are available if needed. We use a Fogging Machine when needed for disinfecting.

If you’d like to find out more information on these very specific disinfection services please call us on 060-998-7010 or complete the contact form.



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