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We were asked to come and disinfect and sanitise the Greenwood Park Police Station after a police employee tested positive for Covid-19 there. Covid-19 cleaning is mandatory after a person that has tested positive has been on the premises. To ensure the safety of the public and the police working at the station, the premises needed to be cleaned and disinfected and a certificate of cleanliness issued. This is to ensure that the chain of transmission is stopped, and the police station doesn’t become a hotspot of coronavirus infection.

This Covid-19 cleaning project included cleaning and sanitising of the holding cells, offices and public areas of the Greenwood Par Police Station. Obviously, it was essential for the station to reopen to serve the community as quickly as possible. Our teams’ long experience in the industry and efficient gear ensure that the job is done effectively and efficiently, allowed for maximum decontamination without taking too much time.

Do you have a premises that need to be sanitised and disinfected after identification of Covid-19 exposure? Please call us on 060 998 7010 so we can clean your property, help you obtain a certificate and get back to business as quickly and safely as possible.


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