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We were called into a food production facility in Johannesburg after one of their staff members tested positive for Covid-19.  It is essential to completely santise and disinfect premises once a positive case of the virus has been identified, to prevent any further infections and potential virus flareup. Coronavirus can live on some surfaces for hours and even days, so it is essential to properly clean and sanitise before allowing employees back to production.

Who better than experienced crime-scene cleanup experts to handle your Covid-19 cleaning? We have over 6 years experience in dealing with biological hazards. We have commercial fogging machines which generate a cold fog mist of disinfectant, ensuring both airborn and surface disinfection. Our teams remain in strict isolation when not working, to ensure they don’t bring any viral particles onto the scene. We use highly rated hazmat and PPE equipment to ensure the best protection for our staff and prevent any viral transmission.

The coronavirus pandemic is hitting business hard, and we know that it is essential for business owners and operations managers to feel certain they have taken every precaution in protecting their staff and maintaining production. We work quickly, efficiently and effectively to give you peace of mind, and get your team back to work. If you need our help to clean your premises, please call us on 060 998 7010.