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We offer big machine and plant cleaning services. Industrial properties and machines are dirt and grime magnets. Not only because of the type of work going on inside factories and warehouses, but because they don’t get cleaned nearly as often as they should. After long periods of time, dirty working conditions can breed bacteria on contact surface areas, the floor, and in air vent systems.

Bacteria breeds in unhygienic environments, putting the health of workers at risk. Unhealthy workers aren’t as productive as healthy ones, and unhealthy working conditions can end up affecting the bottom line. However, with regular high-level cleaning, factories and warehouses can remain safe, hygienic environments for all employees.

Using our High Pressure Rig together with our eco-friendly detergents and degreasers, we regularly wash down Yellow Machinery such as Graders, TLBs and Bull Dozers. We also clean immovable machinery inside factories and warehouses. We are able to work after hours, or during shut-down, to minimise the impact on your operations.