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Auto dealership cleaning enables dealers to have the cleanest and most presentable showroom and service areas to ensure that customers get the right first impression. Let’s face it, buying conditions matter! When someone is in the market for a new car, just imagine the impression that prospect would have if they walked into your car dealership and it was dirty and dusty.

This auto dealer in Ballito asked us to not only clean their extensive windows and glass but to also clean their solar panels that line their carport roofs. Maintaining your solar panels through a regular cleaning schedule results in clean and clear solar panels meaning more light is absorbed through panels increasing power generation. Dirty panels means less electricity at the end of the day, so in the face of loadshedding, this dealer definitely needs the panels working at their best!

If you need your forecourt, solar panels or auto dealership cleaned, get in the experts – call us on +27 60 998 7010