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X-treme Cleaning is dedicated to providing cleaning solutions that care. This means that we care for our clients and their property, we care for the planet by using environmentally-friendly detergents, and we take care while performing our cleaning service duties – ensuring that we deliver the best result for our clients. Our company is based in Durban, South Africa, but our fleet of 12 vehicles allows us to provide superior cleaning solutions across the nation.

We provide cleaning solutions for customers in three areas: domestic cleaning, commercial cleaning, and industrial cleaning. Our capabilities range from soft hygiene services for domestic homes, shopping centres and business spaces – all the way through to critical industrial spill cleanups, fire damage cleaning, and warehouse sanitation. With a cleaning crew of 65, there no cleaning project too big for us to take on! Keep reading to find out why you should hire us for your next cleaning project below.


X-treme Cleaning Solutions is committed to providing every one of our customers with the highest quality in cleaning services that suit their particular needs. We specialise in high and low pressure cleaning of roofs, gutters, driveways, decks, walls, paving, fencing, koi ponds, painting preparation, commercial and industrial cleaning. Our cleaning process incorporates low or high pressure cleaning depending on the job at hand. Our special blend of environmentally friendly detergents kill harmful organisms and remove the stains they leave behind ensuring that they stay gone for as long as possible. In the likely event of water restrictions or load shedding affecting your area at the time of the booking, we bring our own water and generators to site to assure the job gets done!


Eco Friendly
We're Responsible

We use all GREEN, environmentally friendly products specifically formulated to offer the highest level of cleaning, with the lowest level of harm to the surrounding fauna and flora.

We're Reliable
We're Reliable

We’re un-affected by load shedding or water restrictions. We bring all our own equipment, generators, crew and use only recycled water for all cleaning operations.

We Have Reach
We have reach

We’re qualified in Rope Access and are fully insured and mobile, and have the ability to get the hardest to reach places. Our qualified and well skilled crew know the drill.

We're Clear
We're Clear

We offer a FREE site visit and quoting service to ensure we price accurately and list all details to inform the customer, avoiding any nasty surprises.

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